Lifestyle Homes Inc


Our Personnel

Home Building is our lifestyle


Joanne Caoutte

President & Founder

President and founder of Lifestyle Homes Inc. Joanne Caouette has a family history of home building and land development steeped in tradition. For Joanne, taking time to meet all her clients continues to be an important part of building a home because to Joanne; Lifestyle Homes is as much about building homes as they are about building relationships. As one of only a few women to lead a business in the residential construction industry, Joanne is quick to tell people that being a woman makes her better at doing her job. Lifestyle Homes is a small business and that’s how Joanne wants it to stay. She doesn’t want to lose sight of what’s really important in home construction: quality.


Robert England

Site Supervisor

A master carpenter since 1988, Rob England has been a part of Lifestyle Homes since our first home was built in 2001.
Rob has garnered a great deal of respect within the construction industry for his knowledge of every aspect of residential construction and his professional conduct. Rob works hard to establish healthy business relationships with all our clients and trades. For Rob, quality assurance and homeowner satisfaction are second to none.


Van Druenen

Site Foreman

In the construction industry for 31years, Gord started his career in water, sewer and road construction. As the general foreman with Lifestyle Homes since 2005, Gord’s knowledge and experience in the construction industry can put our clients at ease during the construction process.