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Ice Damming

As Spring begins to reveal itself to Sudbury in the form of freeze & thaw days, some homeowners may experience the effects of ice damming on their rooflines .   This is something that does need to be monitored and addressed by you as a homeowner and to help you better understand this issue we are  going to give you a brief explanation as to what ice damming is, and a few tips as to how to reduce the affects or alleviate the affects more quickly.


What is ice damming?: 

Ice dams form when there is a heavy build up of snow on the roof, followed by a brief thawing-out period, then a sudden drop in temperature. This causes the snow on the roof to start melting but before it can all melt away, it freezes again and forms an ice dam, usually along the eaves on the lower part of the roof.

 How do I prevent it?:

Removing snow before an ice dam forms is very important, so if you notice a lot of snow building up on your roof it is important to clear it.  We DO NOT recommend climbing up on the roof with a shovel, as this can be very dangerous. You can, however, use a broom and sweep the snow off from below. Or buy a special roof rake, which is designed for this specific purpose. You can also install heating coils along the edges of the roof which melt the snow and ice thoroughly, preventing ice dam formation.